Plants Clean the Air in Your Home

Just as trees and plants clean the air outdoors, adding house plants and flowers to your home will clean the air indoors with the added benefit of  bringing beauty and vibrancy to your living spaces.  When you add plants to your home they clear the negative energy given off by people and things.  

With the invention of electricity and radioactive products we have quite a lot of EMF’s running through our environment.    EMF’s are electromagnetic fields given off by microwaves, TVs, fountains, cell phones, wiring, charging devises and other items.  Because of this it is a good idea to put a plant near your computer to absorb EMF’s coming from your computer. 

Also, it is very important to place a plant near your bed so it will clean the energy you automatically released during sleep.  Move any alarm clocks at least 2 or 3 feet away from the bed so you aren’t receiving the EMF’s while you sleep. 

 Choose easy to grow plants such as Phalaenopsis orchid, peace plant, ficus, or philodendron and place plants in every room of your house.  Enjoy the clean fresh air!

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