The Power of Color

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The Power of Color

Color is powerful because it affects our behavior, and our mental and physical activity.  It has the ability to shape a person’s chi (energy) and in turn their destiny.

There is a relationship between our energy and color.  Think about how you feel when looking at a bright blue sky on a sunny day vs. grey skies on a rainy day. Or when looking at fresh green colors outdoors after it rains or a landscape draped in white on a snowy winter’s day.

The Art of Color and Feng Shui

Color is one of the greatest tools in Feng Shui and it can be quite magical.  Color can spruce up a room and create the feeling you desire.  It can balance, bring joy or peace, or it can liven up or quiet down a room.  And painting* a room can be inexpensive and relatively quickly.  Or simply add color through pillows, artwork, curtains, furniture, or any myriad of ways.

Ideas for Choosing Color

Here are some things you may want to consider when choosing room colors:

  • What feeling are you trying to create in a room?  For example: If you want a fun family room or if you want more spark in your life, consider choosing bright red paint or adding  red accents.
  • How will the room be utilized — for sleeping, socializing, to accomplish tasks?  For example: If painting a bedroom, don’t choose a bright orange because it can be too stimulating (although red touches are fine for romance!).  I suggest a peaceful color such as lavender, peach, brown, or tan.
  • Take into consideration the amount of light the room gets when picking colors.  A sunny room can wash out some colors.  A dark room can make a dark color appear even darker than the swatch.
  • Deeper colors create a more dramatic and grounded setting, while soft colors create a lighter airy impression.
  • Use your intuition and pick what you love when choose colors.

A Rainbow of Colors

Here are some of the basic colors their qualities and symbology:

  • Blue is cooling and calming, yet for some having too much blue can give you the “blues”.  Symbolizes hope, like a blue sky.
  • Green creates a harmonious, tranquil and fresh feeling– like nature itself.  Symbolizes hope and growth.
  • Red is spirited and can motivate you. Use it when you want to energize or stand out.  Too much red can be over-stimulating and create anger.  Symbolizes good luck, happiness, and warmth. 
  • Orange is joyful and productive and can enliven a space.  It is a mix of red and yellow and symbolizes the qualities of those colors.
  • Yellow/Gold creates a uplifting and sociable feeling.  Symbolizes power and warmth.
  • Purple is meditative, soothing and relaxing. It symbolizes royalty, religion, and fortune.
  • White relaxes and is a backdrop for other colors.  Too much can create an imbalance.  In western cultures white symbolizes purity and angels.  In China it symbolizes death or a dormant state (like winter). 

Color touches us deeply in a physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually way.  Color can personalize a space, create a mood, and make an instant impact.  Have fun and experiment with color and take note of how you feel. 

*I highly recommend purchasing no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints since they are better for you and the environment.

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