One of my heroes is William McDonough: a designer, architect, and author know for his work in sustainability.   I highly recommend his book  Cradle to Cradle.  I also recommend taking a look at his TED talk at  Years ago I had the privilege of touring the green building Mr. McDonough designed in Oberlin, Ohio.  His philosophy inspires me in my own work.  My other creative inspiration is nature itself.

As a child I played in nature often and all year ’round.  I developed a deep love and connection to it.  At a young age I innately knew nature heals and has unsurpassable intelligence.   Now as an adult, I believe it imperative to incorporate aspects of nature into my home, everyday life, and my business.

My job, through interior design and Feng Shui consultations and classes, is to help others craft homes and lives that are imbued with soulful intelligence, sacred symbolism, authenticity, and are in synchronization with nature.  My goal is to help create more sustainable interiors (and yards) that feel great and become healthier environments for us all.

How can we live a more sustainable life?  It isn’t always easy the way our current world and lives are set-up.  But below is one way you can get started (more ways to come on green sustainable living in the future).

I love, love, love using and making all natural biodegradable cleaning products.  Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap (sold at health food stores and other grocery stores) is great, affordable, and a must.  My other top cleaning supplies are baking soda, white vinegar, soda powder, and borax.  In the bathtub, sink, toilet, and other places in my home I use either baking soda, soda powder, or borax and a little castile soap.  I often add a few drops of essential oils to the mix, since they have disinfecting and deodorizing qualities (and smell great!).  I suggest you experiment with quantities until you get the combination you desire.  Also, you may want to Google “all natural cleaning recipes” and you will find many to choose from.  Once you start using all natural and biodegradable cleaning products (with no animal testing) you will feel really great, since you are moving toward a kinder, gentler, healthier environment.

We ALL can make a difference.  Let’s make a difference now!   I hope you will join me in making our world sustainable. And if you are already living a more sustainable life — I thank you  and I think you are the best!

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