A Bit of Magic

I believe we all long for some magic in our lives.   Today I saw a bit of magic, right in my own back yard… 

After all the rain we’ve had lately,  lushness abounds.  There is a shady area behind our house where our water fountain trickles soothing sounds.  In this location wildflowers, bamboo, ferns, and other plants grow.   I collect rocks that interest me and place them in groupings among the honeysuckle vines, wild ginger, and pink lily-of-the -valley.   This place is also where my 6 year old daughter has made a fairy dwelling.  She uses clam shells, found at the river, as fairy bathtubs, and also as dishes she fills with berries (when ripe)for the fairies.   

Today, I saw the cutest thing: a little red eft (a type of salamander) was bathing in the water that collected in one of her fairy bathtubs.   I left him to get my camera.  When I returned he had left his bath, but still was close by (see pictures). 

Some people say salamanders are associated with the fairy world and the mystical realm because of their land/water transformation abilities.   Just now, hours later after first spotting the red eft I went out back to see if little red was still there.  I didn’t see him but when I let my gaze soften I saw sparkles and plants slightly moving, even though there was no breeze or sunshine –could it be fairies?  Just a bit of magic today!

Have a magical week!

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