Feng Shui = Great Self Care

Once many years ago a friend asked me what made me happy, and after thinking for a minute,  I said great self-care makes me happy.  What is great self-care and what does it have to do with Feng Shui? 

To me great self-care is spending time outdoors, eating fresh healthy foods, getting exercise ( especially the kind that makes you flexible, flexible body = flexible mind), having a positive mental outlook, keeping up with your outward appearance (e.g. accepting what you look like yet looking your best),  maintaining a spiritual practice (something to believe in), getting enough sleep and relaxation, having fun.  And Feng Shui.  

How did Feng Shui make my great self-care = happiness list?  Well let me tell you… providing yourself an environment of sanctuary, making a home that you love, a place where you rejuvenate, can help you with all other areas of your life.  It can be compared to the refreshment you receive from going to the spa or taking a long hike and sitting next to the river to relax and contemplate life.   Feng Shui is great self-care.

When I took my first Feng Shui class over 13 years ago, first off we learned about clutter clearing.  This is one of the most important things you can do to Feng Shui your home, because clearing clutter creates great Chi, or great life force energy.   After learning this valuable lesson I got to work.  Each evening after work, for weeks and weeks,  I would organize my closets, drawers, rooms, shelves, you name it ….I clutter cleared everything and I organized big time.  I even threw out pictures from my first marriage – this isn’t me anymore I told myself.   While clutter clearing,  I mentally unchained myself from any negative bonds to material items, and being attached to material items has never returned.  Boy did I feel great!  Very freeing and opening to the soul.  Great self-care. 

After clutter clearing my home,  next I began to look at my decor and belongings.  I asked myself does this really reflect who I am now?  Does my home and do my belongs mirror my current life or what I want my life to become?   Then over the years I began to purge even more items that did not represent my authentic self or who I wanted  to become.    After even more elimination of what did not serve me, as if by magic I’d find something perfect for my home, something I loved or that was useful to my existence.  My home began to feel incredible,  like an oasis.  My house was a place of soothing warmth and calm.  It became my place of solace, my lovely abode.  Great self-care.

In the Interior Alignment style of Feng Shui, which I practice, we focus on bringing the elements of nature indoors.  Being in nature and then bringing it into your home, to me, is the best self-care available.  Nature itself is completely intelligent and synergistic,  all is connected.  It is harmonious and rejuvenating.  Now translate this into your home and you get incredible energy flowing throughout your home and in turn through you!  Good energy in your home equals good energy in your mind, body, and soul.  More great self-care.

When I Feng Shui a home I use an energetic map called a Bagua.  The Bagua represents all aspects of your life.   When using the Bagua in your home you really do a 360 degree overhaul (a great circle, or to be Bagua-correct: an octagon) on all aspects of your life.  You begin to unfold and take a strong look at who you are, your relationships, your life path, etc.  Enhancements are made to support the Bagua of your home and your life.  Then, answers come.  They can come in subtle yet profound layers and they are only given to you at the level of your understanding.  Life often works this way, doesn’t it?

Feng Shui essentially brings new energy flowing into your home in many different ways.  It is like a strong wind pushing around the hidden dust (or life blocks) and bringing it out into the open where you can remove it.  Feng Shui gets into the crevices in your home, it gets into the hidden blocks within your life and exposes them and then you can repair them.  Therefore, bringing on more great self-care.

Like I told my friend,  great self-care = happiness to me.  You deserve great care of yourself and what Feng Shui brings to your life.  Great self-care is taking good care of yourself including creating a home that makes you feel happy.

Dawn Gettig is a certified Advanced Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner and a Medicine Wheel Practitioner.  She lives in Northeastern Ohio in her colorful and nature filled yard with her husband, two daughters, and two cats.  She loves art, Feng Shui, gardening, yoga, hiking and meditating in nature, and more.   Visit Dawn at gaiadesign-foryourlife.com or for more info contact her at http://gaiadesign22@sbcglobal.net.

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