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Autumn 2011 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

It has been quite a while since my last newsletter.   I have been in a crazy whirl working on many projects this past 6 months or more.  I just keep telling myself put one foot in front of the other — with my design/feng shui business evolving and a new certification I am working on.  My business seems to have a life and personality all its own and it is a constant work in progress, just like me. 

I hope you have enjoyed your summer.  Soon we will be moving into the cycle of the Autumn Equinox.  What a soothing change for an Autumn lover like me: cooling temperatures, the changing beauty of the outdoors, and settling down with a warm cup of tea and a good book in a comforting home.   

In this newsletter I share a feng shui garden mini consult I had with a new friend/client, Chloe.  Chloe lives in Australia (frequently referred to as “Oz” by Australians), and she is now entering the season of Spring since she lives in the southern hemisphere.   Also below is information about my upcoming classes.  I hope you consider signing up for this unique study group where you will learn how to become more authentically you through a powerful process.

Warmest Blessings,






Fire In the Land of Oz

Each person I come across in my Feng Shui travels has a uniquely different living space and personality.  They also have unique challenges in their environments and their lives.  This makes the Feng Shui process definitely not  a “one size fits all” type of model.   And because of this it makes my job an inimitably and exciting process.   I have also experienced, many times over,  that there are often fairly easy ways to balance and harmonize a space without spending a great deal of money.  Here is brief example of a recent long distance Feng Shui situation: 

Chloe, who lives in Australia, asked me for some advice on her yard.  Rather than explaining  in third person the situation and my suggestions, I thought I would simply share excerpts from our online conversation:

Chloe: “Hi Dawn, I’ve recently moved into a home that’s in a great spot, walking distance to the ocean, but it’s pretty shady and I’m missing being able to grow veggies and herbs successfully.   I’m finding that already I’m thinking of moving but have signed a year-long lease. Any suggestions for this earth girl to shift my energy around this?” 

Dawn:  “Chloe, within walking distance to the ocean sounds  wonderful.   But it does sound like you intuitively are finding the land and possibly the house out of balance.  From what you just described, and not seeing or knowing anything about the land it sounds like a lack of fire energy to me and too much yin energy (needing more yang energy) with all the shade in your yard.   Even though you are an “earth girl” mainly, we all need to integrate other elements  (even just a bit) into our lives and homes for wholeness.

So with little knowledge of your situation, and not seeing pictures of your property, I will offer the following thoughts:  Obviously to truly bring more yang and fire energy to your land and to successfully garden you do need some sun.   I feel there must be some sun in your yard somewhere.  There are many ways to bring in more fire energy into your home and yard even without much sun.  And once you add this element you will feel more in balance there.  Also I believe there must be a way to have a garden – a rooftop garden maybe?   Another thought is many years ago when I lived in an apartment I found a local community garden to please my earthy side – maybe there is one in your area.  I firmly believe there is always a way to meet your needs even if  it means working around this situation.  But you must find a way to love your home or I recommend that you eventually move. ”

Chloe: ” Dawn, you are spot on with fire element being the issue.  I have started voluntary work one day a week at a herb farm.  They grow all their herbs in sunlight and I get my hands dirty each week working with herbs.  What more could a girl ask for.   I’ve started bringing herbs home from their chuck-out piles, and they have made it clear I can take what I wish from the nursery too.

There’s a shed [in my yard] here and the sun touches its roof most of the day, so your rooftop garden is a good suggestion.   I’m going to focus on building up a collection of herbs in pots around the shed and windowsills  that get light.  I’ll leave a ladder [next to the shed] there for tending and checking babies.

I think the land here is used to being untended and it’s a bit of a shock to have me clearing out rubbish and gardening here. ”

Dawn:  “Chloe, wonderful that you get plants from the herb farm and that you may try to do some shed-top gardening.  A few more ideas to bring in more fire into your yard and for gardening in small spaces: 

I have checked into garden wall pockets for a client of mine and the wall pockets are slightly pricy.  So I got the idea to possibly purchase one of those closet organizer type things and use that as pockets for the plants.  Could be an artsy, interesting look (with the right pocket) and way to garden.

  • Add red or orange plants if possible to bring more of the fire element to your yard.  And plants that have a shape that splays out like fire.  
  • Add a fire pit to add more fire energy. 
  • Paint the shed red or painting a sun on the shed will also bring in more fire energy.  “

Chloe:  “Dawn, here’s my sunlight magnet, as you suggested, on the shed wall.  I painted on an old breadboard that has warped over the years.

And adding a fire pit would be awesome….

The fabric shoe pocket garden on the link you sent of vertical gardens is a great idea and one I think I’ll use for salad greens!   I’ve seen calico ones at the two dollar shops. My salvaged herbs are lifting their heads and turning to the sun, at the moment they’re on the outside windowsills of my ‘sunny’ wall.

I’m starting to see that the garden is going to develop around the shed and this wall!  Thanks, Chloe”

Last I heard from Chloe this is what she had to say…

Chloe,  “Hi Dawn, Chloe here.

We spoke about shady gardens some while ago.   I just wanted to share the success of our hanging gardens you helped inspire!   I ordered two pocket type shoe storage hangers online, and after a slight diversion, they arrived last week.  I’ve hung them on the sunny wall of the house and planted them out with greens and herbs. We’ve had tropical storms the last 4 days or so and because of the way they hang and the weight of the soil they’ve survived undamaged! The babies are growing even! When you water the top level it drains down through the layers and so is very economical too.  I found a lot of big pots which I can move into sunny bits and have started planting in them too.  I’ve also discovered that quite a few herbs like belladonna, henbane and hemlock like to grow in the shade, so I’ve got seeds to start making a magic shade garden. The sun is shifting into his spring position and there is definitely new growth because of it.  So all in all my desperate shade issues are resolving. The hanging gardens contain some 40 plants and I’m harvesting fresh lettuces, silverbeet and English spinach already. yah!   Thanks, Chloe”

I would like to mention that Chloe now feels more in balance and her home and land are becoming a reflection of who she really is — a unique and creative gardener and artist.  All Photo’s by Chloe Pringle


Holistic Living Study Group using Medicine Wheel plus Feng Shui principles.
Begins September 17, 2011 at 2PM or second group begins Oct. 5, 2011 at 10:30 AM

Location and Registration: Creative Healing Center ♦ 16686 Hilltop Park Place ♦ Chagrin Falls ♦ Ohio 44023 ♦ 440-543-1757

The Medicine Wheel and Feng Shui Holistic Study Group  will meet on the third Saturday at 2PM each month for 7 months (Sep 17, Oct.15, Nov.19, Dec. 17, Jan. 21, Feb. 18, and Mar.17) at The Creative Healing Center.  And a second group has been added beginning Oct. 5th at 10:30 AM.  The other monthly dates for this second group are Nov. 9, Dec 7, Jan. 11, Feb 8, Mar 7, and Apr. 11 (all Wednesdays beginning at 10:30 AM).  We will study the Medicine Wheel and how to use it as a Feng Shui tool within your home.   The Medicine Wheel is a nature based system of living a holistic life in accordance with nature.  Feng Shui is a design and green living system which brings harmony and balance into your environment. You will work with your goals, the directions and elements, your home indoors and outdoors, and more in this one of a kind and powerful course.  The cost of the course is $150 — just $21 per month (includes individual attention and a lot of little known info)!  To register phone the Creative Healing Center at 440-543-1757.

 What you will get with this course:
 New concepts each month to explore.
 Tools to support your goals through your environment.
 A method of developing a deeper connection to nature that you can use for a life-time.
 A unique and powerful way to design your home.
 A way to create sacred space and instill vital life force energy into your environment.
  Assignments for real life experience with Medicine Wheel and Feng Shui.
 A private group where you can share and get support from fellow participants.
 You will learn how to make a Medicine Wheel (either an indoor or outdoor wheel or both).
 Support and advice from an experienced Advanced Feng Shui consultant.

Also, new classes will be beginning at Chemam at Laughing Creek in Richmond Heights in the near future.  Check back for class updates.

My ongoing (yet shorter 4 week classes) are offered through Wise Woman University at

Dawn Gettig is an interior designer, a certified Advanced Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner, Medicine Wheel Feng Shui Practitioner, and does Space Clearing/Blessings.  She lives in Northeastern Ohio in her colorful and nature filled home and yard with her husband, two daughters, and two cats.  She loves decorating, art, Feng Shui, gardening, yoga, hiking, meditating in nature, and more.   For more info contact her at

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Feng Shui = Great Self Care

Once many years ago a friend asked me what made me happy, and after thinking for a minute,  I said great self-care makes me happy.  What is great self-care and what does it have to do with Feng Shui? 

To me great self-care is spending time outdoors, eating fresh healthy foods, getting exercise ( especially the kind that makes you flexible, flexible body = flexible mind), having a positive mental outlook, keeping up with your outward appearance (e.g. accepting what you look like yet looking your best),  maintaining a spiritual practice (something to believe in), getting enough sleep and relaxation, having fun.  And Feng Shui.  

How did Feng Shui make my great self-care = happiness list?  Well let me tell you… providing yourself an environment of sanctuary, making a home that you love, a place where you rejuvenate, can help you with all other areas of your life.  It can be compared to the refreshment you receive from going to the spa or taking a long hike and sitting next to the river to relax and contemplate life.   Feng Shui is great self-care.

When I took my first Feng Shui class over 13 years ago, first off we learned about clutter clearing.  This is one of the most important things you can do to Feng Shui your home, because clearing clutter creates great Chi, or great life force energy.   After learning this valuable lesson I got to work.  Each evening after work, for weeks and weeks,  I would organize my closets, drawers, rooms, shelves, you name it ….I clutter cleared everything and I organized big time.  I even threw out pictures from my first marriage – this isn’t me anymore I told myself.   While clutter clearing,  I mentally unchained myself from any negative bonds to material items, and being attached to material items has never returned.  Boy did I feel great!  Very freeing and opening to the soul.  Great self-care. 

After clutter clearing my home,  next I began to look at my decor and belongings.  I asked myself does this really reflect who I am now?  Does my home and do my belongs mirror my current life or what I want my life to become?   Then over the years I began to purge even more items that did not represent my authentic self or who I wanted  to become.    After even more elimination of what did not serve me, as if by magic I’d find something perfect for my home, something I loved or that was useful to my existence.  My home began to feel incredible,  like an oasis.  My house was a place of soothing warmth and calm.  It became my place of solace, my lovely abode.  Great self-care.

In the Interior Alignment style of Feng Shui, which I practice, we focus on bringing the elements of nature indoors.  Being in nature and then bringing it into your home, to me, is the best self-care available.  Nature itself is completely intelligent and synergistic,  all is connected.  It is harmonious and rejuvenating.  Now translate this into your home and you get incredible energy flowing throughout your home and in turn through you!  Good energy in your home equals good energy in your mind, body, and soul.  More great self-care.

When I Feng Shui a home I use an energetic map called a Bagua.  The Bagua represents all aspects of your life.   When using the Bagua in your home you really do a 360 degree overhaul (a great circle, or to be Bagua-correct: an octagon) on all aspects of your life.  You begin to unfold and take a strong look at who you are, your relationships, your life path, etc.  Enhancements are made to support the Bagua of your home and your life.  Then, answers come.  They can come in subtle yet profound layers and they are only given to you at the level of your understanding.  Life often works this way, doesn’t it?

Feng Shui essentially brings new energy flowing into your home in many different ways.  It is like a strong wind pushing around the hidden dust (or life blocks) and bringing it out into the open where you can remove it.  Feng Shui gets into the crevices in your home, it gets into the hidden blocks within your life and exposes them and then you can repair them.  Therefore, bringing on more great self-care.

Like I told my friend,  great self-care = happiness to me.  You deserve great care of yourself and what Feng Shui brings to your life.  Great self-care is taking good care of yourself including creating a home that makes you feel happy.

Dawn Gettig is a certified Advanced Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner and a Medicine Wheel Practitioner.  She lives in Northeastern Ohio in her colorful and nature filled yard with her husband, two daughters, and two cats.  She loves art, Feng Shui, gardening, yoga, hiking and meditating in nature, and more.   Visit Dawn at or for more info contact her at

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A Bit of Magic

I believe we all long for some magic in our lives.   Today I saw a bit of magic, right in my own back yard… 

After all the rain we’ve had lately,  lushness abounds.  There is a shady area behind our house where our water fountain trickles soothing sounds.  In this location wildflowers, bamboo, ferns, and other plants grow.   I collect rocks that interest me and place them in groupings among the honeysuckle vines, wild ginger, and pink lily-of-the -valley.   This place is also where my 6 year old daughter has made a fairy dwelling.  She uses clam shells, found at the river, as fairy bathtubs, and also as dishes she fills with berries (when ripe)for the fairies.   

Today, I saw the cutest thing: a little red eft (a type of salamander) was bathing in the water that collected in one of her fairy bathtubs.   I left him to get my camera.  When I returned he had left his bath, but still was close by (see pictures). 

Some people say salamanders are associated with the fairy world and the mystical realm because of their land/water transformation abilities.   Just now, hours later after first spotting the red eft I went out back to see if little red was still there.  I didn’t see him but when I let my gaze soften I saw sparkles and plants slightly moving, even though there was no breeze or sunshine –could it be fairies?  Just a bit of magic today!

Have a magical week!

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One of my heroes is William McDonough: a designer, architect, and author know for his work in sustainability.   I highly recommend his book  Cradle to Cradle.  I also recommend taking a look at his TED talk at  Years ago I had the privilege of touring the green building Mr. McDonough designed in Oberlin, Ohio.  His philosophy inspires me in my own work.  My other creative inspiration is nature itself.

As a child I played in nature often and all year ’round.  I developed a deep love and connection to it.  At a young age I innately knew nature heals and has unsurpassable intelligence.   Now as an adult, I believe it imperative to incorporate aspects of nature into my home, everyday life, and my business.

My job, through interior design and Feng Shui consultations and classes, is to help others craft homes and lives that are imbued with soulful intelligence, sacred symbolism, authenticity, and are in synchronization with nature.  My goal is to help create more sustainable interiors (and yards) that feel great and become healthier environments for us all.

How can we live a more sustainable life?  It isn’t always easy the way our current world and lives are set-up.  But below is one way you can get started (more ways to come on green sustainable living in the future).

I love, love, love using and making all natural biodegradable cleaning products.  Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap (sold at health food stores and other grocery stores) is great, affordable, and a must.  My other top cleaning supplies are baking soda, white vinegar, soda powder, and borax.  In the bathtub, sink, toilet, and other places in my home I use either baking soda, soda powder, or borax and a little castile soap.  I often add a few drops of essential oils to the mix, since they have disinfecting and deodorizing qualities (and smell great!).  I suggest you experiment with quantities until you get the combination you desire.  Also, you may want to Google “all natural cleaning recipes” and you will find many to choose from.  Once you start using all natural and biodegradable cleaning products (with no animal testing) you will feel really great, since you are moving toward a kinder, gentler, healthier environment.

We ALL can make a difference.  Let’s make a difference now!   I hope you will join me in making our world sustainable. And if you are already living a more sustainable life — I thank you  and I think you are the best!

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Springtime Transformation



No matter how many spring times I have experienced I am always delighted and amazed at how quickly things pop out of the ground and are born anew.   In Ohio where I live spring has definitely sprung, painting everything in lively fresh greens, pinks, and yellows.   The birds have transformed as well showing off their best colors and songs.  EVERYTHING is bursting out.  For example this past Sunday, while on a 2 hour hike at the arboretum I saw 1 red fox, 3 turtles, a frog, a snake, a white swan, 2 loons, numerous other animals/birds, and lots of gorgeous wildflowers, such as trillium and spring beauties.

In the Feng Shui I practice and teach about (Medicine Wheel Feng Shui ™and Instinctive Feng Shui®) we observe the seasons attentively.  Then we mirror these cycles in our environment and in our human aspects (mind, heart, spirit, and body) as well.  Springtime then becomes the perfect time to begin new projects,  adventures, relationships, and more.  It is also a great time to freshen up your business, clothes, home, etc.  Add a new photo to your website.  Wear colorful clothes.  Plant seeds.  Open up the spaces in your home, inviting plenty of the Air element indoors.    These types of things can energize you and bring a new perspective to your life.   So embrace the new springtime beginnings outdoors but also in all aspects of your life.

Note: Conversely,  for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere you will be:  calming things down, cozying up the home-front (more Fire element), and drawing your energy inward.

If you’d like to learn more about Feng Shui or tuning into the cycles of nature visit my workshops tab on my website

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Feng Shui for your Child’s Room

Feng Shui Your Child’s Room

by Dawn Gettig, AIA, MWFS, and teaching mentor at WWU.

Children begin life as sensitive and delicate little souls that need a nurturing environment.  Expectant parents delight in decorating their new child’s room in preparation of their arrival, even if the child will not initially be sleeping in their own room. 

It is essential to create a child’s room that is filled with love, dreams, and positive vibes or Chi.  Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of designing spaces (1), is all about creating a nurturing and soothing environment.  Feng Shui techniques can be used to design a room filled with good energy and natural materials; one with plenty of imagination as a way to help children flourish in mind, body, and spirit.    

 Maybe you want to create a room that feels earthy and comfortable or one that has a magical feel to inspire creativity in the child.  There are many ways to decorate a special room for your child using Feng Shui and here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Good Flowing Chi:   You need good air circulation and some open space so you, your child, and Chi can move easily.  Therefore make sure the room doesn’t have too much furniture and try to keep things fairly simple and organized.    Keep the room clutter-free.  I know sometimes this is challenging (I’m a busy working mom so I understand).  But do your best and don’t over-purchase.  Feng Shui is about living a life that reflects you authentically.  And having kids means owning more stuff.  So it is realistic to have more clutter in a home with children as opposed to one without children.  Just try to keep the clutter under control so it doesn’t control you or inhibit good Chi flow!

2. Creative Colors:  Choosing color is an important decorating step.  Color affects us subconsciously and sets the tone of the room.  Select a color that invokes the feeling you are trying to create in a room:

  • Orange and peach represent joy.
  • Rosy pink and magenta represent love.
  • Yellow brings a feeling of warm, luminous sunlight and evokes happiness.
  • Blue and violet both soothe and create a peaceful environment.
  • Green represents growth, harmony, and peace.

Bright vibrant colors will stimulate the imagination and softer colors will make you feel more subdued.  Here is a website if you’d like to browse paint colors:

Why not get creative and use a combination of colors within the child’s room?  I recommend using calming colors on and near the bed.  Too much color (like bright red) next to the bed may over-excite your child and keep him/her from a restful sleep.  Conversely a room with too little color is bland and will not stimulate your child.  It often is  about balance and placement.  And you can always use fun vibrant colors through curtains, pictures, pillows, etc.  I highly recommend using no VOC paints (2) when painting any room, especially a child’s room.  VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are released into the air for years after the paint has dried.

3. Use your imagination:   As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  Imagination takes you far and wide so create a decor for your little ones to help develop their creativity and exploration.

Who doesn’t love fairytale enchantment or the magic of fairies, nature spirits, or angels?   You can add motifs in a myriad of ways.

Bring in the wild things and nature.  A child’s room is a great space to decorate with items such as images of butterflies, ladybugs, birds, horses, puppies, kittens, etc. through fabric and pictures.   In my daughters’ room I painted a large 6 ft tall tree with branches and leaves.  I also painted a picture of an owl in the tree’s branches.  I like to believe there are animal and/or angel guardians that protect children while they sleep.

If you don’t want to paint a mural on the wall then you can purchase a mural or buy a decorative wall decal.   There are many places on the internet to purchase these products. Another fun thing to do is use blackboard paint (purchased at any paint or hardware store) and paint it on the wall in an area of your child’s room.  My kids love to chalk on this surface.

Bring in a heavenly, celestial feeling in your child’s room with glowing stars, a string of lights, pictures of  Pegasus or angels.  Hang feathers, fun mobiles, chimes, or a colorful windsock for a bit of whimsy, a fresh airy feeling, and to inspire learning.

4. Nurturing nature – keep it healthy:

Plants are important in a child’s room because they absorb carbon dioxide and provide us with fresh oxygen.   Plants such as peace lily and rubber plant are so easy to grow and will help keep the room healthy.

Plants can also soak up EMFs (electromagnetic radiation) given off by electrical items such as clocks, lamps, humidifiers, etc.  EMFs can affect your child’s health.  It is best to keep all electrical items, cell phone, etc., two to three feet away from the child’s body while they sleep so they can get a more restful sleep.

Using organic bedding(3) (made without toxic pesticides or  chemicals), natural flooring, and natural floor covers is important for the health of your child.  

When weather permits open the windows to bring in fresh air which cleanses a room.

Your child will feel at peace and happy in their own room if you take the time to create a space that is healthy, nurturing, and filled with things that spark the imagination.

Footnotes and Resources:

(1) Feng Shui started in China about 5,000 years ago and is still used today.  It is about creating an environment filled with balance and harmony and good Chi (or energy).

(2) Here are some Zero-VOC’s paint: The Freshaire Choice (available at Home Depot), Sherwin Williams Harmony (available at Sherwin Williams), ECOtrend (available online), BioShield (available at retail locations throughout the US and Canada. See website for more info), Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company (available online and at retailers listed online).

(3)Here are a few resources for organic products: or

2011 © Dawn Gettig  – Not to be reproduced without author’s permission

Dawn Gettig lives in Northeastern Ohio and is the owner of Gaia Design – Soulful Decorating, Feng Shui and Green Living.  She has a certification in Advanced Feng Shui and Seven Star Space Clearing and Blessings™ as well as certification in Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ with Interior Alignment® School.  Dawn also serves on the board of the Interior Alignment® Feng Shui School.  She has been studying Feng Shui for over 10 years and has studied yoga and spirituality for over 30 years.  Dawn teaches The Medicine Wheel Home and The Medicine Wheel Path courses at Wise Woman University.  Website ~, Email Dawn at ~

Dawn currently offers two courses through WWU :  Medicine Wheel Home: Applying Natural Feng Shui to Create a Home with Meaning and The Medicine Wheel Path: Living a Life of Balance and Spirit

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“Each man’s road is shown to him within his own heart.  There he sees all the truths of life.”                                                                                                                                                         – Cheyenne teaching.

Hi Everyone!  How are you?

I must share that I like to bring magic into my life through my home and the outdoors.  I am the type of person who loves to create beauty and one of a kind environments that reflect our spirit.   I do this all the time in my house and yard.

As you all know this past weekend was the Spring Equinox.  To honor it my family and I held an equinox celebration  around our outdoor fire circle.  Also we planted our snow peas (see photo of my husband and kids)!   I have loved snow peas since I was a kid and they are quite the treat for my family.   

Planting a garden is one way to create magic in your life.   Don’t you agree?

Springtime Blessings,


p.s. and speaking of magic did you see the beautiful super moon?  It was gorgeous wasn’t it?

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Live Medicine Wheel Tele-seminar

Join Dawn Gettig for a FREE 30 min live class explaining her two new classes offered through Wise Woman University

Teleseminar: March 6, 2011 at 1:00 PM EST

To join the meeting from your computer or mobile device, click or copy and paste this URL into your browser:

To join the audio portion of this meeting, choose your dial in method:

Dial-in Number: +1 775-269-3893
Skype: fuzemeeting
When prompted enter the room number:
Room #: 572505 and press the # key.

Further instructions:

We highly recommend using Skype with a Headset. You can download it for free at:

Please do Not try to use a separate microphone and speakers as that causes horrible feedback and echoing.

Having trouble joining this meeting?
Click or copy and paste this URL into your browser to visit the Fuze Support page:

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The Medicine Wheel Home and The Medicine Wheel Path

The Medicine Wheel Home & The Medicine Wheel Path On-Line Courses 

 These 4 week long E-courses begin on the 15th of every month. I am teaching these two classes through the Wise Woman University for more information or to register  click on this image:

What people have said about the courses!  “The course was fantastic” Beth C.  *** “This was  a wonderful class. Kudos of gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom!”  Jenna H.  *** “I want to say that I’m very happy with what I have learned and so very grateful to you for offering this wonderful course!”  Paula G.  *** “it has been a fascinating, amazing value in wisdom” and “beautiful clear presentation”   Stella V.  

~The Medicine Wheel Home: Applying Natural Feng Shui to Create a Home with Meaning~  

The Medicine Wheel Home course is an excellent way to learn to create a home with good chi (energy) and bring the spirit of nature into your spaces. In this unique course you will learn the basics of the Native American Medicine Wheel combined with Feng Shui to create a home filled with your very own personal style and meaning.  This is an experiential course and you can use these concepts throughout your life-time. You will not look at your home in the same way after taking this course.

The four lessons comprising this course will be:

Lesson 1: You will learn the history and meaning of the MW, the importance of the center of the MW and of your home, and how to honor the center.
Assignment 1: You will apply this information to your home.

Lesson 2: You will learn about the MW energetic map, 4 directions and 4 elements, and MW and FS enhancements as they relate to your home.
Assignment 2: You will apply these teachings to your home. You will also learn some ways to identify and remedy missing areas, blockages, etc., which inhibit chi flow.

Lesson 3: You will learn the important aspects of the directional/elemental home and your elemental nature.
Assignment 3: You will then apply this information to your home.

Lesson 4: You will learn ways to further balance and harmonize your home with the FS and MW enhancements.
Assignment 4: You take a deep look at your home and apply suggested enhancements to create good chi in your home.

Course goals: The goal of the course is to introduce the student to the basics of the Medicine Wheel Home which combines the Native American Medicine Wheel concepts with Feng Shui concepts. Through this experiential course the student will learn ways to apply the Medicine Wheel Home methods to their environment, which will harmonized and create unity in their spaces.

The Medicine Wheel Path: Living a Life of Balance and Spirit
Medicine Wheel Path is complimentary to my other WWU course The Medicine Wheel Home and vice versa.  My Medicine Wheel (MW) courses build on and augment each other just as the MW moves in layers and circles.

The MW is an ancient practice that you can learn to apply to your fast-paced, modern life.  After I certified as a MW Feng Shui consultant, the MW teachings affected me in such a powerful way that I knew I wanted to study more about the MW.  Therefore I read all I could find on the subject and I practiced the teachings.  This course is the result of my training, study, and my practice.  MW is one of the best methods for personal and spiritual growth that I have found in my 30 plus years of spiritual study!  So now I want to share this knowledge with you.

In this course we will focus on the fundamentals of the teachings so you can easily incorporate them into your life and get results.  Although MW can be a complex system of working with the psyche, it can also be clear and simple.  I have seen some students and clients get fast results and find answers to life’s questions fairly effortlessly in this practice.  You will be able to start working with your MW right away.

Lesson 1: You will learn the concepts of the MW and will start learning the energies of the MW.  Assignment 1:  You will learn different ways to build a MW.  Then you will choose a method and build your very own MW.

Lesson 2:  You will finish learning the basic energies of the MW.
Assignment 2:  You will practice working within the MW and connecting to the directions and elements in a profound and beneficial way.

Lesson 3: You will learn key ways to work within your MW for growth, meditation, ceremony, and more. 
 Assignment  3:  You will choose a personal goal and begin working with it using the MW as your sacred tool of transformation.

Lesson 4:  You will learn more Native American wisdom such as finding and working with totems and signs in nature.
Assignment 4:  You will learn ways to find and work with signs in nature.

With Each Medicine Wheel course in addition to the weekly lessons and assignments you will receive:
• Weekly Synchro-Alignment™ meditations.
• Group discussion (this is fun and an invaluable way to learn even more).
• Me, a certified advanced Feng Shui and Medicine Wheel consultant as your coach.
• A live webinar with even more opportunity to gain information and ask questions. 

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 If you have any questions or if you would like more information contact Dawn Gettig at gaiadesign22@sbcglobal.

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Nature in a Bottle

Over the ages essential oils have been used by many cultures and in a variety of ways.  Essential oils are made from flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark, needles, berries, and roots.  They are most often made through a distillation process which captures the “essence” of the flower, plant, etc.  Essential oils are the soul and life force of the plant: nature in a bottle!  And these natural oils carry therapeutic and healing qualities that affect us profoundly on all levels: mind, body, and spirit.

I am an advanced practitioner of Instinctive Feng Shui and as a consultant one of my major goals is to bring the positive energy of nature into my clients’ homes.  One excellent way to do this is by using essential oils in a client’s home or office.  Adding all natural oils to an environment can enhance the vital life force energy or Chi of the space. 

Therefore, when you utilize essential oils you are filling the environment with the beautiful spirit of nature.  Many health food stores carry a variety of products made with essential oils.  Or you can purchase essential oils which can be used in a myriad of ways.  Below are just some ideas:

• Add them to health and beauty products.
• Use the oils in diffusers or spray bottles – they will refresh the air in your home.
• Add 10 drops to your bath water.
• Add them to massage oils.  etc.

Another way to use essential oils is to add them to homemade “green” cleaning products.  Here is a favorite recipe of mine: 

Green All Purpose Cleaner
40 drops of essential oils such as lavender, orange, peppermint, or lemon.
1 cup of vinegar
1 cup of water
Add the ingredients to a 16oz spray bottle and shake to mix. 

This makes an excellent, simple, and inexpensive  “green” all-purpose cleaner.  All essential oils have disinfectant qualities, although some oils have more than others.  This homemade spray is a non-toxic product compared to the many chemical laden cleaning products on the market.  Cleaning will now lift your spirits with the incredible smells wafting through your spaces. 

Don’t be fooled by some of the “fragrant oils” on the market today, which include synthetic* ingredients.  They are not all natural and they do not carry the benefits of true essential oils. 

When purchasing oils make sure they say “100% all natural”.  Also be aware that oils such as sandalwood  and rosewood come from trees that are endangered.  Always look for environmentally harvested sandalwood oil or rosewood oil or don’t purchase them at all.  

Essential oils can uplift your spirits, they can calm you, and they have many healing properties.  Using oils is a wonderful way to instill the harmonious qualities of nature into your life and your home.
* The Environmental Protection agency classifies synthetic fragrances in the same category as pesticides and heavy metal solvents for possible harmful health effects.  Synthetic fragrant oils can cause skin rashes, sneezing, headaches, and puffy eyes.

Dawn Gettig lives in Northeastern Ohio and is the owner of Gaia Design – Soulful Decorating, Feng Shui and Green Living. She has a certification in Advanced Feng Shui and Space Clearing as well as certification in Medicine Wheel Feng Shui with Interior Alignment.   This article can be used by written permission only.

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