“I am still buzzing with positive feelings…our outlook on our house is entirely new… this was such a valuable experience.  I would recommend you to everyone!”  – Theresa C., client  

“Our membership and rentals increased after you re-designed our rooms.  People love the design and colors.” – Senior and Community Center client

“You have a great ability to sense what a space feels like and what your client needs, and the creative ability to suggest the absolute right changes to benefit your client’s life.  Your clients are lucky to have you.!”   –  LuAnn Cibik, master teacher Interior Alignment

“We moved the chair and placed the couch at an angle and WE LOVE IT!  What a difference in the feeling!  Thanks so much for all you wonderful help, space clearing and beautiful blessings.” – Paula G., client

“Well, well, well let me tell you.  After our consultation, I immediately got the relationship area together and maybe two weeks later (if that long) I met someone and it has been going GREAT!  …  It seems to me that he just about fits everything I wanted.  Thank you.  Also, I changed my desk upstairs as you suggested and I do love it that way.  Thank you, Dawn!” Nikki L., client

“When I cleaned up my relationship area and added Feng Shui items men started to phone me and now I have two prospects that I really like.  When I cleaned up my career area people phoned me for my services.  When I cleaned up my kitchen more free stuff came my way.    Feng Shui really works!”  -Lea E., client

Other comments: “Everyone loves the classroom/party room you decorated at our center.  They all want to take a picture in front of the wall you decorated with artwork.” 

“We’ve had wonderful comments about the room you decorated.”

“I feel so much better since I began Feng Shui with you.  My depression is lifted.”

“The room feels very harmonious.”

“You have given me the inspiration I needed to get started clutter clearing and organizing.  And since doing it I feel so much better.  I don’t know what took me so long”

Here is what people have said about the Medicine Wheel Home and Life E-course!    “The course was fantastic” Beth C.  *** “This was  a wonderful class. Kudos of gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom!”  Jenna H.  *** “I want to say that I’m very happy with what I have learned and so very grateful to you for offering this wonderful course!”  Paula G.  *** ”it has been a fascinating, amazing value in wisdom” and “beautiful clear presentation”   Stella V.  

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